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Tom Colicchio Makes One Pot Pasta on Today

Tom Colicchio made one pot pasta with broccoli, ham and parmesa on the Today show. You can find the recipe here. Tom says you could substitute frozen green peas, cauliflower or asparagus for broccoli. Read more... January 9, 2015

Melissa Clark Makes Scallops With Sorrel Butter

Melissa Clark makes Scallops With Sorrel Butter in this video from The New York Times. Clark says the perennial herb works particularly well with seafood, such as scallops. She says you don't need to add lemon because of the sorrel, which turns kind of a brownish spinachy green color in the pan. In addition to scallops and sorrell, the recipe also includes a garlic clove, tablespoon of white vermouth or white wine, butter, salt, pepper and chives. You can find the recipe here. These scallops look delicious. Read more... May 12, 2014

Melissa Clark Makes Cornmeal Waffles With Bourbon Syrup

Melissa Clark makes Cornmeal Waffles With Bourbon Syrup in this video. She uses a stainless steel model waffle iron. She uses a low setting which she says helps get the waffles really crisp. Melissa recommends getting your dry ingredients well-mixed before adding the wet ingredients. She likes to make her waffle batter with egg whites. She says they help make the waffles really fluffy. These waffles look really good. You can find the recipe here. Read more... April 2, 2014

Nicholas Elmi Talks Top Chef on CBS This Morning

Nicholas Elmi won season 11 of Top Chef. The intense Elmi came on strong in the finals in Hawaii to win the show. Elmi tells CBS This Morning that he was portrayed on Top Chef as the underdog going into the finals and he says this was accurate. He says Nina is a great chef. Elmi says he was pessimistic about his chances of winning. Read more... March 1, 2014

Melissa Clark Makes Chicken Stew With Sweet Plantains

Melissa Clark makes Chicken Stew with Sweet Plantains in this New York Times video. She seasons her chicken before cooking it using oregno, cumin, black pepper, chile powder and salt. She then adds some orange and lime zest. Melissa says you can use plantains at any stage of ripeness. The plantains she selected are not completely dark, they still have some light spots on them. She browns the plantains in the chicken fat. After removing the plantains from the pot she adds onions, red pepper, chopped garlic, oregano, salt, water, orange juice and canned tomatoes. After simmering the chicken and plantains get added into the pot. It looks like a yummy stew. Read more... January 18, 2014

Melissa Clark Makes Grilled Ratatouille With Goat Cheese

Melissa Clark makes Grilled Ratatouille With Goat Cheese in this video from The New York Times. Melissa buys fresh veggies including eggplant, peppers and zucchini. She grills the vegetables outdoor on the grill and then slices them. She avoids using an oil while the veggies are on the grill. She caramelizes the lemons on the grill before squirting the juice on the vegetables for a tart and sweet flavor. Other ingredients include raw minced garlic, thyme leaves and basil. She then adds in plenty of olive oil until it is shiny. Read more... September 26, 2013

Guy Turland Makes Baked Whiting in Prosciutto Jackets

Australian chef Guy Turland makes Baked Whiting in Prosciutto Jackets in this video from The Guardian. Turland creates a bed for the whiting using plump tomatoes, smashed garlic, citrus, herbs and white wine. Turland says to use "nice long slices of prosciutto" to wrap your whiting. Herbs are wrapped up with the prosciutto as well to create a "herb jacket" for the fish. Turland bakes the dish for about 20 minutes at around 220 degrees. You can see the ingredients if you pass the video at the 40 second mark. Read more... July 4, 2013

Giada De Laurentiis Visits Umami Burger

Giada De Laurentiis talksa bout the Umami Burger from the Umami Burger restaurant in Los Angeles. The Japanese name "Umami" means savory. Giada looks at the items that go in to the burger, which includes Umami ketchup, ground steak, caramelized onions, parmesan frico, shitake mushrooms and oven dried tomatoes. Read more... May 26, 2013

Somali Restaurateur Defies Terrorists By Keeping Restaurants Open Despite Suicide Bombings

Ahmed Jama owns a series of restaurants, called The Village, in Mogadishu, Somali. He has built a successful restaurant business with returning customers. However, Jama has to take many precautions to keep his restaurants and patrons safe. This includes armed gunman and sandbags piled up around the gate in case his restaurants are bombed. His restaurants have been bombed by suicide bombers. In one attack twenty-five of his customers were killed. Jama keeps running the restaurants and his customers keep coming, refusing to submit to fear. Read more... May 8, 2013

Whole Food's Cattle Cam Lets You Watch What Your Meat Eats

Whole Food's April Fool's joke is the launch of a Cattle Cam so you can watch what your meat eats. Whole Foods' says, "Curious about what your meat eats? We've equipped each herd with cattle cams for full transparency from pasture to plate. No more wondering if that grass-fed beef you're buying was actually raised on petunias and pork rinds. Keep tabs on their munching habits with our cattle cam." Read more... April 1, 2013

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